Jacqueline Pifer

The Psychopath Test

How do you score on The Psychopath Test?

Designed a book around This American Life podcast #436: The Psychopath Test

For me, the most interesting part about this project was the psychology behind it: not just of those who are psychopathic, but how I wanted users to be paced through the information and feel during the reading experience. I wanted the book to feel a little "off", and created that sense through the creation of chemical color fields juxtaposed with vintage Dover images, as well as flipping of language and occasional unorthodox type treatment.

The text comes from the podcast, Fast Company article "Is your Boss a Psychopath?" by Alan Deutschman, and the Psychopathy Check List – Revised (PCL-R) itself. Pages cut and bound by hand. Cover screenprinted with black ink on white book cloth. The book is set in Mercury and Graphik.